OrthoCincy’s Dr. Robert Rhoad discusses Joe Burrow’s wrist injury and the road ahead

by Liz Bonis & Megan Burgasser, WKRC


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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Bengals fans learned Friday that quarterback Joe Burrow tore a ligament in his right wrist. He is out for the season.


So, what’s likely going to be needed to help in his healing?


Surgeons at OrthoCincy said wrist injuries are common during this time of year. Many will heal with rest and time, but Burrow’s will likely require surgery.

Burrow will have to treat his injury carefully to avoid reinjury.
Dr. Robert Rhoad, who is not part of Burrow’s treatment team but is an OrthoCincy wrist surgeon, said the bones in the wrist are complex.
“And along those bones in the wrist is a complex array of different muscles and tendons, and all together holding that are key critical ligaments, and that can make it a difficult area, because they are easily reaggravated in any one of us,” said Dr. Rhoad.
He said x-rays can give patients and their health care providers a first look, but often an MRI is also needed.
“Given the complex anatomy of the wrist, a lot of times if appropriate, we’ll use fancier imaging like an MRI to better understand that,” Dr. Rhoad said.
Burrow said Friday he did, in fact, have an MRI.
As for his recovery, surgery or not, Burrow will likely have weeks of physical therapy. That’s mainly because Dr. Rhoad said a high-level athlete has different requirements to get back into the game.