Dr. Nicholas Early on Local 12

Orthopaedic experts say injuries commonly associated with soccer can be common for non-athletes

by Liz Bonis & Megan Burgasser, WKRC


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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Soccer season leads to some great competition, that’s if players can stay healthy. But some common soccer injuries are keeping area doctor’s offices busy.


The team at OrthoCincy said the kind of injuries they see in soccer are common, whether patients actually play the game or not.


“He actually did my shoulder too, when I hurt my arm a couple months ago, I think,” said Amylynn Thomasson, an OrthoCincy patient.


She has had a few of those injuries that OrthoCincy orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nick Early said are the most common for soccer.


“A lot of knee injuries and a lot of ankle injuries. Occasionally, we’ll get some shoulder-related injuries too, just when people are put in funny positions. It’s not uncommon for there to be a shoulder dislocation,” Dr. Early said.


Thomasson said she doesn’t play soccer, but she said her son keeps her active.


“He does sports, so I’ll go out on the field and do sports with him,” Thomasson said.


She’s had injuries to both knees and her shoulder.


“He gave me some exercises to do and some anti-inflammatories,” Thomasson said of her recovery. “It’s 100% better.”


Those exercises often prescribed for knee injuries are also often part of a training program for recovery with a physical therapist.


Dr. Early said if players can do exercises before and after the soccer season, they can prevent shoulder and knee injuries that come with soccer, or life.


He also reminded everyone that “With that, kind of the key is keeping up with that, because when you fall behind in that then sometimes the benefit of that sort of goes away,” Dr. Early said.