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 In 2004, Donna was hanging from a zip line attached to her son’s tree house when she fell in her bare feet onto some tools lying on the ground, shattering her leg, ankle and foot. She had surgery that year which included the insertion of 16 pins and two plates into her leg and ankle. After three years and extensive physical therapy, Donna was still in extreme pain. She had a second operation in 2007 to clean up the arthritis and reduce the pain. After the surgery, she was in a walking boot then did physical therapy for months, but to no avail. Her foot was so painful she could not get out of the car to get gas. When she came home from a day of teaching, her son had to literally carry her from her car into the house and place her in a chair. She could not leave the house. In tears, Donna was not able to walk and could barely work.

Procedure: Donna’s husband did hours of online research before discovering Dr. Sammarco. Donna came to see Dr. Sammarco in 2012 and was immediately at ease with his calm style and willingness to offer a plan to eliminate the pain. After careful consideration, Dr. Sammarco decided that ankle replacement surgery was necessary. In March of 2012, the surgery was performed. Donna was in a cast for two-three weeks after surgery, then a walking boot for a total of 3 months. She participated in physical therapy for four months and was fully recovered when she was released from therapy.

Amazing Comeback: The week she was released, Donna’s family took her on a beach vacation because for the first time in years she was able to walk unassisted. In Donna’s own words, “The results were truly amazing. I walk everywhere, hike, bike and stroll on the beach with no pain. There is nothing I can’t do now. I have my life back because of Dr. Sammarco; he is truly a fantastic surgeon and a wonderful man. I am blessed thanks to Dr. Sammarco!”

Myron tore the ACL in his right knee playing high school basketball in 1955. He continued to play for years after high school wearing a brace and enduring the pain. His left knee began to cause him discomfort in the 1990’s, which he tolerated until he decided to visit his family physician, Dr. Carpenter, in 2005. Dr. Carpenter recommended he come to Reconstructive Orthopaedics to see Dr. Lawley.

Procedure: Dr. Lawley examined Myron’s knees and determined that there was excessive damage to the cartilage in both knees, which would require knee replacements. Myron had surgery on his left knee in 2006. The operation went smoothly and Myron spent a few days in the hospital, then after being released did physical therapy for two to three months until he was fully recovered. He had his right knee done in 2008 with very similar results.

Amazing Comeback: Myron is back playing softball three times a week during the summer, basketball twice a week during the winter, and goes for walks every night. Myron commented, “This is the best thing I have ever done. I am pain-free and feel better than I have in years. I think the world of Dr. Lawley and the staff at Reconstructive. They helped my every step of the way.”

Heather began to experience pain in her right hip in March of 2013. She visited three different orthopedic specialists who all told her there was really nothing wrong with her hip and that they could not help her. Frustrated, she visited Dr. Shaw in December of 2013. After undergoing an MRI and review by Dr. Shaw, he determined that a hip scope would relieve the pain and restore Heather to good health.

Procedure: Dr. Shaw performed the hip surgery on Heather in early February of 2014. The scope was done on an outpatient basis, with the procedure going very smoothly. Heather was able to return home that day. She began physical therapy about two weeks after the surgery and is making great progress.

Results: Heather was able to return to work 1½ weeks after the surgery, since her accounting job requires just general office work. Six weeks after surgery, she was walking without crutches still sporting a slight limp, but was pain-free. Heather observed, “It was absolutely amazing! I didn’t think it would be possible to completely eliminate the pain, but now I feel great. I expected the recovery to be more painful, however, it was easier than anticipated. I am really looking forward to walking my dogs this summer.”

 Duff has a family history of an aggressive form of osteoarthritis which settled in both of his hips. The pain began in his early fifties and by the time he was 55 Duff was using a cane to get around in his home. An avid hiker and angler, Duff found the pain was significantly affecting the quality of his life and decided to pursue treatment. He was aware of Dr. Swank’s minimally invasive hip replacement procedure since Duff’s sister had undergone that surgery with excellent results. He drove up from Lexington and met with Dr. Swank in early 2011. After an in-depth examination, Dr. Swank determined that Duff would need both hips replaced with an excellent prognosis of returning to an active lifestyle.

Procedure: Duff’s right hip was replaced in April, 2011 and his left hip was replaced eleven months later using the special minimally invasive procedure that Dr. Swank has perfected. With each surgery, Duff was able to walk in the hospital that night and was released the following morning. In lieu of formal physical therapy, Duff was instructed to walk at least five minutes each hour over the next few weeks as therapy to build strength and restore mobility.

Results: Duff began to feel a real difference almost immediately and was pain-free in three weeks. He was able to resume his love of hiking and fishing and set a personal goal of climbing the tallest free standing mountain in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet. Over the next 18 months Duff began a training regimen of walking up to 9 miles a day and, on alternate days, climbing 50 flights of stairs in order to develop the strength and endurance necessary. In February of 2014, less than two years after his second hip replacement, Duff summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro and watched the sun rise over the plains of Africa. He had fulfilled his dream.

Duff feels very blessed that he was able to work with Dr. Swank and the staff at Reconstructive Orthopaedics. He commented, “I tell people not to just accept their situation, but to be proactive and find out what can be done to help themselves. Dr. Swank, Jon, and Martha were the epitome of team work in restoring my quality of life. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate how they touched my life. I would encourage anyone who is considering hip replacement surgery to learn about Dr. Swank’s minimally invasive hip replacement procedure. Visit Dr. Swank and learn about this wonderful technique which can restore the quality of their life just as it did mine.”

 Frank suffered from lower back pain, hamstring problems and sciatic pain since his days playing football in high school. Initially, doctors told him he had a “bad back” and prescribed medication and exercise. However, over time the situation grew worse and Frank was hardly able to walk. He visited Dr. McConnell at Reconstructive Orthopaedics late in 2013. After an MRI and a detailed review, Dr. McConnell diagnosed that Frank had arthritis in both hips and recommended a hip replacement.

Procedure: In December of 2013, Dr. McConnell replaced Frank’s right hip. The operation was done on Wednesday and Frank was released from the hospital on Friday. He had nursing care and did physical therapy at home for five weeks after surgery. He followed that with 20 physical therapy sessions at Reconstructive’s Montgomery office.

Results: Five months after surgery, Frank feels great and is able to work out, play with his kids and resume his normal activities. Reflecting on his experience Frank states, “I don’t have one complaint, the folks at Reconstructive, especially Dr. McConnell, did a great job. I can’t say enough about the whole organization.”

 Steve’s initial injury occurred 14 years ago when he tore the meniscus in his right knee working construction. He had surgery on his right knee in 2012 to remove the meniscus enabling him to continue to work operating mechanical equipment for his family’s business and to play baseball, tournament racquetball and softball. However, his knee was bone-against-bone and even when using multiple braces was painful.

In preparation to attend the Cincinnati Reds Fantasy Camp in Arizona in early 2014, Steve received cortisone shots and chicken lubricant in both knees and was hopeful of participating throughout the week. Steve played two 7-inning games every day and was able to make it through the middle of the seventh game on Wednesday. The Reds training staff helped him finish out the week by working everyday on both knees using atomic bio jell, ice baths, etc. His coach, Ken Griffey Sr., encouraged him to get his knees replaced saying, “Steve, you are too young to deal with pain that will hold you back from doing what you enjoy in life.” That was the impetus Steve needed, he was ready to do something about his knees.

After the camp, Steve began consulting with surgeons. His trainer and therapist assistant at Oxford Physical Therapy expressed to Steve how well Dr. Langendefer’s patients recovered, so Steve met with Dr. Langenderfer at Reconstuctive Orthopaedics. After an in-depth consultation with Dr. Langenderfer, Steve decided to have both his knees replaced.

Procedure: Dr. Langenderfer performed a special procedure called Patient-Specific Instrumentation (PSI) in which preoperative imaging is used to manufacture cutting blocks specific to a patient's anatomy that allows increased accuracy and spreads the weight evenly over the knee. In addition, Dr. Langenderfer utilized special plastic inserts containing vitamin E that provide increased wear ability. The benefit of PSI is that the new knees will last about 25-30 years versus the old procedure where replaced knees would hold up for only about 15-20 years.

Steve’s surgery took place on 4/30/14 and he spent two nights in the hospital before coming home. He did rehabilitation at home and was walking without a cane in three weeks. Steve continued to work out at Oxford Physical Therapy to increase his strength and agility.

Results: Steve is now playing baseball and racquetball, runs sprints and jogs without assistance. He recently took his car to the repair shop and walked four miles back to his house. Excited about his restored athletic ability, Steve played in the Reunion Game at Great American Ballpark on August 25, 2014. In September, he took a snorkeling and hiking trip to St. John’s in the Caribbean and had a great time. Steve commented, “I am very happy with Dr. Langenderfer and the staff at Reconstructive. Everyone was very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone.”

 Gail was an enthusiastic athlete throughout her life, regularly playing softball, flag football, and golf as well as coaching. However, her endeavors resulted in a series of knee injuries including tearing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in both her knees. She had arthroscopic surgery to remedy the condition, but it only lead to temporary relief. To further complicate the situation, her knees had become misaligned over time. Gail was in constant pain and found it very uncomfortable standing. In early 2014, she began talking to Dr. Matt Langenderfer about the possibility of knee replacements to alleviate the discomfort.

Procedure: After an in-depth analysis of her condition and extensive consultation, Dr. Langenderfer decided that a dual-knee replacement was necessary to return Gail to the active life style she so wanted. Her surgery took place on Wednesday, September 3, 2014. She did inpatient rehabilitation at Mercy Fairfield and transitioned to outpatient therapy at Oxford Physical Therapy. Highly motivated to recover, Gail did physical therapy at Oxford twice a week and on her own at home the other days. After being discharged from outpatient physical therapy, she continued rehabilitation activities on her own at the gym.

Results: Gail can now do “pretty much what she wants”, but still visits the gym regularly to work on her flexibility and also does water rehabilitation. She continues to lift weights three times a week, has continued with some of her physical therapy leg strengthening exercises, does cardio training, plays softball, and participates in two golf leagues this summer. Future goals include snow skiing this winter and walking a half marathon in the spring of 2016. Gail was very pleased with Dr. Langenderfer and the staff at Reconstructive Orthopaedics commenting, “Dr. Langenderfer is the greatest at what he does. He and his staff were supportive every step of the way, always keeping my best interests at heart”.

Amy was playing power forward for the Little Miami High School basketball team when she tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) on January 19, 2013. The following Friday she saw Shawn Tubbs, a physical therapist at Reconstructive Orthopaedics, to get an opinion on her knee. Shawn quickly referred Amy to Dr. Kevin Shaw for a more in-depth consultation. After a thorough examination and discussion with Amy, Dr. Shaw determined that he would repair the ACL using a graft from her hamstring.

Procedure: The surgery was performed on February 14, 2013 on an outpatient basis. Amy rested the knee for a week, then the bandages were removed and she was ready to begin therapy. She worked with Shawn Tubbs and an athletic trainer five days a week for six months. She visited Dr. Shaw and was cleared to play basketball September 8, 2013.

Results: Amy has now graduated from Little Miami High School and is playing for Ohio Northern University and is doing great. She was very happy with her outcome explaining, “I received the best care possible. Everyone was always willing to do whatever needed to help me and was super nice and informative. It's a huge relief that my rehab experience was better than I could have ever asked for. My knee is better than new and I can jump higher than ever.”
Dr. Metzler is an incredible doctor!

Dr. Metzler, I want to thank you for the great work you did on getting my daughter back to playing athletics.  That is a testament to your incredible skills as a surgeon/doctor.  You did an outstanding job on the surgery you performed on her.  If any of my kids have injuries in the future that need to be addressed medically, they will see you.  I just wanted to thank you personally, as the father of a patient, for a job well done.
Dr. Gates is a special kind of guy!

"I am extremely happy with my total ankle replacement! After talking with Dr. Gates, I felt so confident. Before, I had four surgeries with different doctors to try and reconstruct the ankle, and I was in so much pain. But after Dr. Gates did the surgery, in no time I was on my feet bowling and playing golf. The Physical Therapy was good, too. Dr. Gates is definitely a special kind of guy!"
Dr. O'Brien is excellent!

They provided excellent service and were very nice. Dr. O Brien is an excellent doctor and the Medical Assistants are very nice. I had to have ankle surgery and was very nervous because I never had surgery before. Everyone was very friendly and helped me be more comfortable about surgery. The day after surgery they had someone call and check on me and sent a get well card. I recommend Commonwealth Orthopedic Centers to anyone that needs orthopedic care.
Dr. Larkin is a super nice doctor.

Dr. Larkin is a super nice doctor. I just love him. He explained everything to me and my husband, amd made sure we understood everything. He is a very caring man, and I would recommend him highly to others.

Sarah Bills, APRN is very nice and explains things to you as well. Stephanie the office manager is very nice and has been helpful to me. The girls at the desks and the people who take you back to the rooms are very nice also. This is a great office to go to.
Commonwealth Physical Therapists are wonderful!

Amanda and Samantha, there really are not enough ways for me to say thank you. While I know that there is more healing and recovery to do, I am so pleased with how much I can do now. Thank you for understanding how much pain I was in and pushing me only to as much as I could handle. Thank you for encouraging me when I hit a block and felt there would not be any more improvement. And mostly, thank you for being cheerful, even when I expressed the same worries over and over. I wear my Commonwealth shirt out and am stopped often and asked questions. I tell everyone how wonderful Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers and their physical therapists are! Thank you!!
Nurse Practitioner Brian Crowley is a gem!

Dear Dr. Jacquemin, you have a gem in Nurse Practitioner Brian Crowley. He is very respectful, polite, and kind. He knows spine and back care well. It was always, "Yes ma'am" and "How may I help you today?" Brian Crowley is terrific!
Thanks for helping us, Dr. Hummel!

Dear Dr. Hummel, Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit in giving us direction and hope during these past two years. My husband and I are so grateful for your direction as we didn't know who to turn to - and as prominent as you are, you helped us. That is why we love you and tell everyone how wonderful you are!
Thank you Dr. Gates and Jim Lytle, PA!

Dr. Gates, thank you so much for my appointment this morning. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. Jim Lytle, PA, was wonderful and explained everything very well and helped quess a great deal of my anxiety. His staff was very kind to fit me in on such short notice. I feel I have a much better understanding of what I need to do to ensure a full recovery. Having just started my first post-graduate job, I feel so much better managing this Injury: after my visit to Commonwealth. Thank you again - I really can't tell you the difference it has made!
Thank you Dr. Heis and Commonwealth Physical Therapy!

Tonight at the gym I have reached new weight after 10 months recovery from my shoulder surgery. I can only thank God for giving me great people to see me through this including family and Dr. Heis, and my physical therapists Suzy and Kristen.
Life Changing - Dr. Due

Dr. Due, it has been a long and painful journey. I had pretty much given up on ever having my hand fixed. Then you were brought into my life and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and it wasn't a train! Thank you.

Two simple words but for me they're life changing. Thank you. For truly seeing me and fixing my hand; I thank you for your skills and compassion. My heart is overwhelmed with the happiness of a fixed hand. Thank you, and may God continue to bless you!
Dr. Hummel gave me my life back!

Dr. Hummel, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping give me my life back. It wasn't until I was able to do more painfree that I realized how much pain I had been in before the surgeries. While I am not running any marathons, I am able to get about and do so much more! Please extend my thanks to your wonderful staff also. Thank you!!
Grateful to Dr. Gates

Dr. Gates, Thank you for performing my surgery. My pain level has decreased tremendously. I ran two 5K's last year and have already registered for one this spring. I thank God for you! I exercise 3 times a week now, and I've lost 30 pounds because I'm not in constant pain anymore. Thank you!
Patient of Dr. Hummel

I am amazed at how proficient the offices run considering how large your offices are, and how many patients are seen daily. Your entire staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and ready to assist!
Thankful for Dr. Holladay's help!

Dear Dr. Holladay,

This month I completed several long bike rides, several long hikes, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Each time I participate in a special event, I thank God that you repaired my tib/fib fractures in December, 1999. Although many years have passed since I needed your skills, I frequently reflect on how lucky I was to benefit from your help and pray that you will continue to help others. Thanks again!
What a great Physical Therapy team!

I recently completed rehab for my knee which was scoped. What a great staff you have! In particular, Katie and Chelsea were terrific! From the first time you meet these talented and beautiful young women, you realize their demeanor and care foryou as a patient is genuine and sincere! I am sure I will be back since I have another knee that will need work. I will be certain to come back to your center and of course, I must insist on these young ladies as my specialists!
Thank you, Dr. Metzler, for taking care of Mom...

My mom has been treated by Dr. Metzler for a fracture. We want to thank him for his caring, compassionate and excellent technical abilities. Dr. Metzler is the most kind and caring physician I have ever met. It is such a joy that these physicians have such great customer service skills as well as brilliant technical skills. Thanks for a wonderful job... you are the best...
Dr. Metzler takes the time to listen.

Dr. Metzler, I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic work you did on me. It is wonderful to finally be pain-free. I also want to compliment you on the professional way in which you dealt with my wife and me. You were kind and actually took the time to listen to your patient and thoroughly explain things to my wife and me. Having you as my doctor was a great experience all around, and I certainly will consider you my doctor for any future orthopaedic needs. We were both very impressed with you, and we will not hesitate to recommend you to others.
Thank you, Dr. Gates!

He is friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate! Dr. Gates inspired confidence and allowed for better decisions.
Thank you Dr. Heis!

Dr. Heis, Thank you for your outstanding service and repair of my right knee last November. You are highly recommended by Dr. Hummel and many patients in our area. I am truly grateful for your hard-earned reputation and professional expertise. I do not take your talents lightly and never for granted. Thank you!
Loves the Physical Therapy team at Southgate

I have had two full knee replacements and am in my final few weeks of PT on my right knee. I must say your staff at the Southgate Unit is superb! They appear to work as a cohesive team and enjoy what they are doing. It shows, for they are all very professional and personable. Great 'meet and greet' people at the front desk...always smiling and cheerful. My wife and I have recommended this PT office to several people. We want our friends to know where to find exceptional therapists should the need arise. Whatever you are doing to attract and retain professionals like these, please, keep it up!
Thanks for helping me through Physical Therapy!

How do I begin to thank you for everything you have done for me. You truly are the consummate professional. I was not sure what to expect as I entered physical therapy after my surgery. Your guidance, coaching and steady calm personality gave me confidence that I could gain mobility back without "dying" from pain. You did that! Your whole team is amazing. I appreciate all of them who chipped in to help me through all of those sessions. You are fortunate to have such a great staff!
Thank you, Dr. Hummel!

Dear Dr. Hummel,

It is just me dropping in to thank you for your kindness and generosity in taking care of me. Thanks to you I can continue fulltime in the classroom teaching my lively and eager second and third graders. May God bless you and your wonderful nurse practitioner for your goodness to us.
Dr. Gates and his staff are the best!

Dr. Gates and his staff are the best caregivers I have ever encountered. I literally can't thank them enough for not just the medical care, but for the absolutely fantastic personal care and empathy. God bless and keep them.
An Ankle Patient

"Dr. Metzler, just want to drop in and give you a progress report on your expert ankle repair work. I completed my first 10K! Thanks again for fixing me right up! Thanks for being an A+ doctor! Keep up the good work."
An Arm Patient

"As I celebrate Thanksgiving, I will also be celebrating the one-year anniversary of my Injury:. My thanks will be for all of you, who worked so hard to save my arm. Dr. Baker and his team for caring for me that night so well that infection did not set in. Dr. Greiwe and his team for surgeries, x-rays, changing dressings and special, tender care. All of you are the best ever, and mere words could not express our gratitude for all of you... the reasons that I have such good use of my arm. I appreciate my arm as I never have before and enjoy the use of it every day."
An ACL Patient

I'd just like to say that Dr. Larkin was my surgeon on my right ACL several years ago. The knee is still fantastic. My current ortho here (now lives out of town) has commended the job Dr. Larkin did when I had my knee checked out. Unfortunately, I have just torn the left ACL and hope to find as good of care out here as I had under Dr. Larkin's supervision. Thanks again!
A Hand Patient

"A special thanks to Dr. James Baker and his staff. I was impressed with everybody and everything associated with my surgery. Who doesn't love the quick road to recovery? Thank you everyone."
Melody Stewart

As a freshman volleyball player at NKU, Melody Stewart injured her knee twice in one season. Each Injury: required surgery by Dr. Bilbo. He and his team cared for her from the outset through rehabilitation. She credits his weekly visits and constant communication for her success on the court a year later. "Dr. Bilbo understands that we're athletes. He wants to provide the best course of treatment to get us back to playing, but he wants to make sure that later on it's not going to be detrimental," she says. "He wants what's best in the long term," echoes NKU head athletic trainer Molly Hutson.

"Dr. Bruce (Holladay), Thank you for your commitment to excellence. I appreciate your expertise in the operating room and how you made a huge difference in my life. Through my experience with you and your associates at Commonwealth Orthopaedics, I have come to cherish my daily blessings and appreciate the others in my life. Thank You."

“Everyone there was outstanding. I was always treated with respect, kindness, patience and professionalism. Thank you so much to Dr. Gates and the entire Commonwealth Orthopaedic team for saving my leg.”

“Thank you to Dr. Baker and the wonderful staff that took care of me. You all made me feel so at ease. My daughter and I are so thankful for the wonderful job you all did; I feel a lot better now. I knew I would be in good hands the first day we all met. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Dr. Grefer, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I don’t know how many people see the work and caring you give each of your patients. I also want to thank the nursing staff and Teresa in your Workers’ Compensation department. They are kind, knowledgeable and helped me beyond belief.”

“Thank you so much for such a good place to do physical therapy after a total knee replacement. All of the workers are excellent; the facility is clean and had well-maintained equipment. Becky did a wonderful job getting me through the ordeal. She is well-trained and very caring.”



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