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Comprehensive Spinal Treatment
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


JOHN B. JACQUEMIN, MDDr. John B. Jacquemin is a spine surgeon with more than a decade of experience in Greater Cincinnati. He recently chose to join Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers. After spending several years on the Ohio side of the river, he now is treating patients with spine conditions at Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers' Florence location.

Herniated discs, spinal stenosis (degenerative narrowing of the spine), fractures, spinal ganglion (cyst) and a variety of ailments related to arthritis are common to patients visiting Dr. Jacquemin's practice. He treats young athletes and teens, but most of his patients are adults. Dr. Jacquemin has a particular interest in the neck and lower back and is often called upon to perform neck surgery and spinal fusions.

Whenever possible, Dr. Jacquemin prefers using minimally invasive surgical techniques to decrease the trauma to the surrounding tissues. Such techniques are employed in order to minimize pain and post-operative problems. "If you can use a two-inch incision versus an eight-inch incision, you're pretty happy," he explains. A shorter recovery time after less-invasive surgery is an added bonus.


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