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Dr. Holladay Discusses How New Knees Energize Younger Patients
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bruse R. Holladay, MD

Bruce R. Holladay, M.D. has seen younger, active patients with a need for total knee replacement - but says that doesn't mean they can't be active again. Dr. Holladay recently pointed out that younger patients, even as young as those in their 30s, need to remember a few key points, including:
  • A total knee is a man-made product with a finite lifespan.
  • An implant requires care to last.
  • If you're very young and active, you may outlive your new knee.
You can read Dr. Holladay's complete article in the link below - New Knees Energize Younger Patients - which includes information about the surgery and your recovery and life with your new knee!

New Knees Energize Younger Active Patients


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