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Technology and Spine Care
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


JOHN B. JACQUEMIN, MDSpine Surgeon John B. Jacquemin, M.D., credits Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers' two state-of-the-art MRI machines and high-tech fluoroscopy equipment in the operating rooms with assisting him and his collegues in identifying, confirming and treating spine problems. He notes that these technological innovations are helping to advance the treatment of complicated orthopaedic needs at the Centers, with benefits to both patients and doctors. He is hopeful that research in stem-cell replacement and biologic replacements, which are still on the drawing board, will help patients with spinal conditions in the future.

Until then, cutting-edge tools - coupled with sound experience - provide Dr. Jacquemin's patients with the best scenario for recovery. His extensive surgical expertise and excellent patient care are well-recognized. In fact, he was named a Top Doctor for 2015 by Cincinnati Magazine. His greatest reward, however, is watching his patients leave his office feeling healthy.

"You know what I really love?" he asks. "Today I got a hug from one of my patients. She doesn't need to see me anymore. She said, 'I'm gonna tell all of my friends to come and see you.' That makes me feel really good."

When he is not treating patients, Dr.Jacquemin stays busy as a married father of five children, ages 6 through 17. He enjoys fishing and chauffeuring his children to their activities.


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