According to orthopaedic experts, AI could make a difference in bone health

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Artificial intelligence, or AI, is now in the works for use in reducing the risk for bone breaks or hip fractures.


This most recent study looked at 3,751 hip fracture patients to train 10 machine-learning algorithms. This then helped models assign a morality risk score.


The top features that predict this were actual age and blood glucose levels.


If you want to lower your risk, the team at OrthoCincy suggests you ask about a key vitamin level in your blood.


Dr. Howard Schertzinger is the director of the bone health center at OrthoCincy.


“The key is the vitamin D, because in young folks with referrals, often for stress fractures and even with athletes, we’ll do their calcium and vitamin D and its in the teens, and they should be in the forties,” said Schertzinger.


These models may not change how doctors manage fractures, but any time we learn about risks, we can start screening earlier based on some of these predictions.