According to orthopaedic experts, plant-based foods can lower risk of hip fractures

by Liz Bonis & Megan Burgasser, WKRC | Click here to read the full story.


CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Eating a vegetarian diet may have a hidden health benefit.


A new study has good news for people’s bones if they’ve been going for more meatless meals during the warmer months. It appears meals full of plant-based fats and proteins are not just good for the heart.


“The fats in plant foods don’t come with cholesterol,” said Preeti Bansal Kshirsagar, a registered dietician at Integrative Nutrition and Healing.


They are full of nutrients that can help strengthen a person’s bones, along with the right kind of exercise. That’s important because in sports, such as pickleball, Dr. Matthew DesJardins said lots of people fall and fracture bones.


“Fractures to the ankles, fractures to the wrists,” said Dr. DesJardins of OrthoCincy sports medicine.


Those fractures can also include the knees and hips if people are not careful in court sports.


“Our population is aging. Everybody knows that, and our aging population is active,” Dr. DesJardins said.


In that active population, this new study of 70,000 post-menopausal women found long-term consumption of a plant-based diet with less animal meats was associated with a 21% lower risk of hip fractures, compared to those who didn’t eat a plant-based diet. Those who ate fewer plant foods and more animal products increased their risk of hip fractures by 28%.


So, the bottom line is add healthy fruits and veggies to the menu, and practice a few balancing acts at home.


For those who are worried about their bone health – ask a doctor for a DEXA scan. It measures bone density.