Holiday Injury

Holiday slips and falls can be prevented with simple steps according to orthopaedic experts

by LIZ BONIS & MEGAN BURGASSER, WKRC || Click HERE to read the full story.


CINCINNATI (WKRC) – OrthoCincy orthopedic specialists said the holiday season is the season of celebration – and slips, falls and broken bones.


From tree decorating to ladders to bad weather, doctors see a lot of accidents and injuries that could be avoided with a few simple steps.


Dr. Robert Rhoad shared how a person’s risk of injuries can increase during the holidays.


“Take your time. Don’t be in a hurry if you are on a ladder. You better be sure that you’ve done this before, someone is watching you, you want a spotter, and you make sure that when you do things, you are being as safe as you can. Because what we see is people falling in a situation where they are not as accustomed to, and so taking one’s time, double checking and then making sure that the situation around you is not leading you to an unfortunate fall,” said. Dr. Rhoad, an OrthoCincy orthopedic surgeon.


Dr. Trevor Wilkes shared some safety measures.


“We definitely get busier after ice storms and snow. I hate to say that to anyone. It’s like the dentist giving out candy, but it’s true and people should be safe. One of the best things you guys always talk about footwear and being safe, but being in a regular exercise program where you are balancing and keeping your leg muscles strong just can’t be overstated. It’s so important,” said Dr. Wilkes, an OrthoCincy orthopedic surgeon.