Orthopaedic experts advise balance and core strength to prevent injury in winter weather

by LIZ BONIS & MEGAN BURGASSER, WKRC || Click HERE to read the full article.


CINCINNATI (WKRC) – The weather in the Tri-State during the next few days could leave some roads and sidewalks slippery. So, those who care for strains, sprains and broken bones want everyone to keep a few things in mind.


“We definitely get busy after ice storms,” said Dr. Trevor Wilkes, an OrthoCincy orthopedic surgeon.


Usually, Dr. Wilkes is taking care of patients such as Caitlyn Lake. She had a knee injury on the soccer field a few months ago when she collided with another player.


“As soon as I got hit, I felt the pop. And then it was like I freaked out and I was like uh-oh, this is not right. Because my leg was basically twice the size of the other one,” Lake said.


But during icy conditions, Dr. Wilkes sees quite a few other types of injuries that often come in through OrthoCincy’s urgent care.


“After falls, it’s usually wrists, elbow, shoulders, because we are putting our hands out to catch us,” Dr. Wilkes said.


So, he shared a few things to keep in mind.


“One of the best things you guys always talk about – footwear and being safe,” Dr. Wilkes said.


What a person wears on his or her feet matters. Thicker soles with grip can help a person stay upright.


Second, he shared something to keep in mind about when a person falls.


“They often tell us it happened so fast they don’t even remember it,” Dr. Wilkes said.


So, he said to be aware of surroundings, especially if a surface looks wet or slick.


Finally, people can help themselves this time of year with an indoor exercise program that helps with balance and core strength.


“Being in a regular exercise program where you are balancing and keeping your leg muscles strong just can’t be overstated,” Dr. Wilkes said.


While a person can’t always prevent a fall in bad weather, stronger muscles can help lower a person’s risks of injury, or at least help with a quicker recovery.