Samantha McCracken, DPT, Florence Physical Therapy Supervisor

Physical therapists caution against pushing through pain

by Liz Bonis, WKRC

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – A word of caution is coming from area physical therapists. They are seeing a lot of overuse injuries right now, and say those injuries can sideline training.


Whether you’re training for the Flying Pig Marathon or starting a weekend shape-up plan, you may reach a point of wanting to push through any pain.


But the physical therapy team at OrthoCincy says that could make things worse.


They want to remind everyone that you can self-refer to them before an overuse injury causes such a big setback that training must stop altogether.


Swapping in strength training a few days a week can make a difference. In addition, a simple physical therapy evaluation can keep you on a healthy path.


“Even if we are looking at an athlete where we are trying to prevent injury in the first place, we are looking at their movement, their strength, their ability to react in real time,” said Samantha McCracken, an OrthoCincy physical therapist.


She says, once those things are in place, you can develop proper form when training for any sport, marathon, or activity.


“We can continue to advance and push the boundaries,” McCracken said.


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