Physical therapy experts emphasize basics when moving outdoor workouts inside during cooler weather

by Liz Bonis & Megan Burgasser, WKRC


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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – For those trying to step up their fall workouts, physical therapists say to start with a few of the basics.


The team at OrthoCincy reminds everyone that as it gets cooler outside and people tend to take their workouts indoors, a few things can make a big difference in injury prevention and recovery.


The first is don’t skip stretching.


Logan Siemer, a physical therapy supervisor at OrthoCincy in Anderson Township, said it helps in injury prevention and recovery. That’s because it increases flexibility and range of motion.


The second reminder: don’t forget to work on balance.


The third reminder: don’t forget that strength, especially core strength, matters. Resistance bands can be used for simple exercises or more complex ones with weights.


“One of my favorites is using resistance bands for a press,” Siemer said.


People can lighten the load a bit with a switch up with hand weights.


“You can kind of scale it up or down with the amount of weight that you are doing with the resistance bands,” Siemer said.