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Recovery From Surgery to Repair a Fracture
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


MATTHEW S. GRUNKEMEYER, MDWhen we fracture a bone, sometimes surgery is required to repair it. Fortunately, surgical repair of a fracture usually results in a full return to normal life. "After you break a bone there's always an internal scar, just like when you have a severe cut to your skin, but very often we can get you back to where you were before the injury," says Dr. Matthew S. Grunkemeyer.

To aid healing after surgery, patients are encouraged to start moving as quickly as deemed safe. "The duration of that safe period is specific to the fracture - sometimes it's immediate; sometimes we need to wait six to eight weeks," Dr. Grunkemeyer says.

Ultimately, great care from experienced professionals can make a big difference in the timing and extent of healing. "If someone were to operate on me, I would want someone who is confident, competent and, most importantly, experienced. You always want to ask your surgeon, 'Have you seen this before?' Have you done this before?'"

Cincinnati native Matthew S. Grunkemeyer, M.D., graduated with honors from Baylor Medical Center in Houson, Texas, followed by surgical residency at the University of Texas-San Antonio Health Science Center. Dr. Grunkemeyer specializes in general orthopaedic surgery and treats both pediatric and adult patients.


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