The signs that you need to move more to stay healthy and happy, according to physical therapy experts

by LIZ BONIS, WKRC || Click HERE to read the full article.


CINCINNATI (WKRC) – It’s the season for sitting, and physical therapists say that can make a lot of health problems even worse.


The body was made to move and if you find yourself a lot more sedentary these days, a recent report shows there are a few signs that sitting is causing serious health concerns.


First sign, as Logan Jones knows, your back hurts.


“Just work injury, I drive trucks so, sometimes you go a little too hard.”


If you don’t build the core muscles that support it and gain some flexibility, you’ll continue to tweak it with day-to-day tasks.


The second sign is stiff joints.


Moving and stretching helps the muscles around the joints feel better.


“Well, obviously it’s going to improve range of motion, so if you are restricted, stretching can help improve your functional capacity in order to reach, to rotate reach behind your back, do basic things like that,” said Jordan Barker with OrthoCincy.


The third sign is being out of breath.


Valerie Forsythe has had to rebuild both her agility and aerobic capacity -after a knee injury last year.


“There was a pop, but then also i felt the tear.”


Finally, one sign you need to move more is you find yourself always in a bad mood.


Lack of movement hurts not just the body but the brain too. It’s been linked to higher rates of anxiety and depression.


One good thing is, if you find a trainer or a physical therapist such as Jordan, Logan says making himself move with him has been a lot easier.


“This guy’s the best for sure, like he’ll deal with ten people, but you feel like you’re the only one he’s dealing with that day.”