Workers Compensation

OrthoCincy has assembled a Workers’ Compensation team to help you during your recovery from your work injury. The team works together with nurse case managers to file pre-authorizations, maintain contact with your employer and the Workers’ Compensation office, and help you through the entire process.

To schedule appointments, refill medications or to speak with a member of the OrthoCincy Workers’ Comp Team, call: (859) 301-BONE (2663). You may also schedule an appointment online.

Click on the brochure below for more information about the Workers’ Compensation program at OrthoCincy.


  Workers’ Compensation Treatment Authorization Form
  Workers’ Compensation Brochure

Worker’s Compensation FAQ’s

How can I help the Workers’ Compensation process?

  • Keep your appointments for office visits and physical therapy.
  • Make sure we have your current contact information.
  • Make phone calls to our office early in the day.
  • Make prescription refill requests early in the day, with the name and number of your pharmacy on hand.
  • Communicate with your employer.
  • Ask for a work note and/or physical therapy note at each appointment to take back to your employer.

When can I return to work?

The doctor is looking at your physical healing as well as your ability to return to work, even if it is for modified duty. Your employer will decide if the work place can meet your need for light duty. If you do not agree with your physician’s decision that you are ready to return to work, you should discuss it with the physician.

What if I need paperwork completed?

We will be happy to complete any paperwork you need. You can bring your paperwork directly to the Edgewood Business Office, second floor (South Loop Road) or drop your paperwork off at any OrthoCincy location and it will be mailed to our Edgewood Business Office. It takes two business days to respond to paperwork once it’s been received.

What if I need surgery?

Many of our patients require surgery as a result of their injury. If your doctor thinks you need surgery, our Workers’ Compensation team will obtain pre-authorization. This may take several weeks to obtain. When the surgery is authorized, one of our Procedure Schedulers will contact you. At this time, you will need to come into the office to sign consent and to receive your pre-operative instruction packet. You will also need to schedule your first postoperative office visit at this time. Our Procedure Scheduler will contact you with the exact time of surgery as soon as it is available.

What if I need tests?

Your doctor may order a specialized test such as an MRI, a CT Scan, or an EMG in order to better evaluate your injury. If this occurs, our Workers’ Compensation team will contact Workers’ Compensation offices and insurance carriers to have the test pre-authorized. We cannot schedule these specialized tests until they are authorized by Workers’ Compensation or the insurance carriers. This may take one to two weeks to obtain.

When the tests have been pre-authorized, one of our Procedure Schedulers will contact you. If the tests are denied, a member of the Workers’ Compensation team will contact you and your employer about the denial. We will do what we can to appeal the decision by making sure the medical documentation is accurate and in place.

What is a Work Note?

Ask for a work note at each office visit. This note is for your employer and proves that you were seen in the office. It also contains any work restrictions you may have that your employer must be made aware of. Your employer may ask for information from physical therapy as well. Please get that note from your physical therapist.

Will you work with my employer?

Because you are using your employer’s insurance carrier to cover expenses from your injury, we are obligated to work through your employer to file claims. Many companies have case managers who may come to appointments with you and follow your progress. We are required to notify them if you do not keep appointments or follow through with therapy.